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Home Sales Advisor – Philadelphia, PA

Are you looking for a new home? Are you unsure where to start? Buying a house can feel like the age-old argument, which came first: the chicken or the egg? Most everyone knows that decent credit and a down payment are important aspects of buying a home. But how much do you need? Can you get a decent mortgage with undesirable credit? This is where a home sales advisor comes in handy. We will discuss the role of a home sales advisor and how they can help you realize your dream of new home ownership.

Tim Horrell at Home Solutions Realty Group in Trevose, PA, and the surrounding areas is the home sales advisor you have been looking for. With almost 40 years of experience, Tim Horrell and his team can assist you from start to finish. Home Solutions Realty Group will work with you one on one to specialize a plan to get you into your dream home.

Establish a Relationship

One of the main goals of a home sales advisor is to make you feel at home. They sit down with you and go over the process step by step. The consultant asks key questions, learns exactly what you are looking for, and develops a plan to achieve your goal. Typically, the home sales advisor will have access to homes in all price ranges, programs that may be able to help you with down payments, and discusses credit options.

Showing Houses

Once you talk about the finances and ideal home plans, the home sale advisor will put together a list of homes. Each time you visit a house, make sure you express your likes as well as dislikes with the home sale advisor. Don’t be shy! Often people will keep their thoughts hidden when they are viewing a property. The consultant is not a mind reader. They don’t know you like or dislike something unless you express that. Make sure you speak up so the next set of houses you look at are more to your specifications.

Finalizing the Sale

When you finally find your dream house, the home sales advisor will draw up the paperwork. As you are looking over everything, the consultant will answer any questions you may have. This will be the time to make sure you are confident with the home, can afford the mortgage payments, and are satisfied with the transaction. Once you sign those papers, you are locked into the deal.

Call or text Tim Horrell at (215) 715-9346 or visit the Home Solutions Realty Group’s website to start the ball rolling. On their website, you can find homes currently for sale as well as information about Tim Horrell. With a home sales adviser in your pocket, the process is a breeze. Don’t delay! Get into your dream home today!


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