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What to Look for When Buying a House – Philadelphia, PA

Congratulations! Homeownership is a huge milestone for you and your family. Have you been looking for a while? Are you concerned about the steps involved? Have you considered all of your possibilities? In 2021, homeownership increased by a staggering 65%. The market is doing well. It’s about time to get your toes in the water. Home Solutions Reality Group in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding counties has the houses for sale near me that you want! But do you know how to choose the perfect home for your family?

Check the Structure

When you visit an open house or a private tour, look closely at the structure. It isn’t feasible to get on the roof, but you can still see any hints of damage or problems. Check for any water damage, mold, or a distinct smell. These are usually easy to spot when you understand what you are looking for. Dark or light spots on the walls or ceilings may indicate a water or mold issue. Check the foundation for any cracks as well as the floors for slanting.

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Look for Renovations

Do you want to put your personal spin on your new home? Look around for things you wish to change. Fresh paint or appliances may be what you want to change. But if there are significant renovations in your mind, you should crunch the numbers. If you want to build a garage, refinish a basement, or knock out a wall, rethink if this is the right house for your family. You may find better homes for sale near me with fewer renovation needs.

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Learn about the Neighborhood

Before you pick up and move to a brand-new neighborhood, you will want to know if it is the right fit for your family. There are several ways to complete this step. Check out the neighborhood statistics on Google. View the crime rate, school district, and recreation. Go a step further and knock on your new neighbor’s doors. Ask them about the people, noise, or whatever you may be concerned about. You can get a good sense of the community with this method.

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